Reproductive Services

Countryside has established a reputation as an advanced equine reproduction facility. Led by Dr. Becky Lillard and Dr. Cindy Backus, our equine veterinarians have over 60 years combined experience in reproduction. We provide complete pre-breeding evaluations for stallions and mares.

We have been performing successful artificial insemination with fresh and cooled semen for over 25 years, and insemination with frozen semen for over 10 years. We have been performing successful embryo transfers for more than 12 years.

Foaling Services (24-hour)

  • Assisted labor and delivery
  • IgG testing
  • Colostrum
  • Plasma administration
  • Neo-natal care

Stallion Services

  • Semen collection and evaluation
  • Semen collection and extending for shipping
  • Frozen semen (storage or shipping)

Mare Services

  • Rectal ultrasound/palpation for breeding and pregnancy checks
  • Uterine biopsies
  • Uterine cultures
  • Progesterone testing
  • Artificial insemination with fresh, cooled or frozen semen
  • Assisted live-cover breeding
  • Embryo flush for transfer, shipping, or freezing
  • Caslick surgery
  • Foal watch / assisted labor and delivery
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