Slide Anduma Anduma At Stud Adlumia Akhal-Tekes presents outstanding purebred Akhal-Teke stallion Anduma. Anduma is a stunning chestnut sabino, a grandson of the famous Gigant and Senetir, and Absent@4. He has trained for endurance racing, and he’s available nationwide via cooled semen. Anduma Call Wendy at: (865) 719-1158 With Allen All Around on-site right here at our practice,
collection is quick and easy in an ultra low stress
environment. Collection is always handled by our expert
veterinarians with over 20 years of reproductive experience.
And, you'll have your collection in less than 24 hours.
Slide Anduma Anduma Slide Anduma Anduma


Anduma Details


Breedings Now Available for This Breeding Season!

For more information call 
call Wendy at (865) 719-1158.

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